Is The US Army Alpha Elite The Best Budget Paintball Marker?

12 Feb

Online paintball stores offer some fantastic deals. All kinds of markers, safety equipment and other paintball items can be found at affordable prices on the internet. You should be able to get the marker you want for a great price by shopping around.

The US Army Alpha Elite Reviews
You’ve always wondered what the US Army Alpha Elite might feel like using a real tactical gun in the field of battle. When you add your tank, hopper or cyclone feeder, sights, optics, and other accessories, this gun weighs nearly 5 lbs and is made of robust aluminum. But then, the realistic weight will get you deep into fighting mode, as you’ll always feel like you have a mean machine in your hands. This is just a sensational, ultra-reliable gun that requires very little maintenance at $149 for the mechanical version and only $179 for the electronic version. This gun is so popular that Tippmann has created a starter kit for only $185 for the US Army Alpha Elite. This kit includes a gun, GXG anti-fog goggles, GXG aluminum CO2 tank (1,000 shots at full capacity), a 200-capacity feed hopper and a pack of harnesses that can hold 4 pods of paintballs. This purchase of one kit can allow you to hit the ground without additional purchases on any paintball field.

One of the Best Electronic Paintball Markers
If you buy the electronic version of the U.S. Army Alpha Elite, it is strongly recommended that you buy the cyclone feeder as a gravity-fed hopper. The cyclone feeder comes with a 200-ball hopper with a low profile, which gives you a clearer view of the sights than traditionally tall hopper, even if they have a higher capacity. All in all, it can be considered as the best paintball marker which is a fantastic real-feel weapon that gives you reliable and long-lasting performance. Go to the electronic version and upgrade of the cyclone feeder if you are the happy trigger type that likes semi-auto and full-auto. On the other hand, if you’re a girl or guy with a calculative shot, the mechanical with a barrel upgrade may be more than sufficient for your needs.